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Our Team

Head of School

Andrea is a physician, author and mother to three boys. She graduated from the University of Southern California school of medicine and is board-certified in emergency medicine. She is the author of “Awakened by Autism” (Hay House, 2015) and “Autism: A New Perspective” (KDP, 2019).

Andrea is passionate about cultivating the strengths and gifts in our youth. She feels strongly about whole child wellness, integrating physical and emotional wellbeing. She believes that mindfulness is of paramount importance and we should all have a daily practice.

Andrea sees Acton Academy as an opportunity to bring an entirely new educational paradigm to the community, where children can grow and thrive. Her three children have inspired her to never stop growing, and to always find ways to be more loving and compassionate in this world.

Assistant Head of School / Autism Studio Program Director

Megan is a dual-certified Special Education and General Education teacher, who began teaching in the New York City school system. After years of using the performing arts in her classroom, Megan went on to co-found SoLuna Studio NY, a non-profit community and educational theater. There, Megan was able to meet each student at their individual level, to build one on one relationships based on mutual trust and respect, and to watch each student flourish in an inclusive, supportive environment designed especially for them.

Now, Megan is thrilled to be back in an academic setting - especially one like Acton Academy - which not only allows for the individuality of all students, but encourages it. As Head of our Autism Studio, Megan and her team use Spell to Communicate (S2C) to support non-speaking and minimally speaking autistic learners as they express their thoughts and ideas, excel in grade-level academics, and share their brilliant and unique minds.

Nature Curriculum Guide

Before having children, Marissa worked with animals, and spent several years working with developmentally disabled adults in their group homes and day rehabilitation programs. After having 2 children, she decided to re-join the work force as a substitute teacher. In 2019, Marissa started homeschooling her children, and saw what an enormous difference it made for her daughter; letting her learn at her own pace and focus on the things that she feels passionate about. She’s enjoyed watching her daughter grow, follow her passions, and gain the self-confidence she didn’t see in her during her time in public school. Marissa is dedicated to encouraging the learners at Acton Academy to be confident, self-motivated, to follow their passions, and to believe they can do great things.

Lead Guide of Spark Studio

Cathy Orofino is a former social worker, substitute teacher ,and a mother of three boys who are all enrolled at Acton. Her “Hero’s Journey” at Acton Academy began in 2020 when her oldest son Francis was enrolled and Cathy began teaching the S.T.E.A.M projects in the studio. Cathy then began teaching in the elementary school studio in March, 2021.

Cathy has cherished every minute that she’s been involved with this amazing community. She is a true believer that a life well lived is one filled with adventure and experience. Cathy loves teaching, music, the piano, horses, rowing, cooking, baking, art, theater, singing, gardening, fishing and the outdoors. She is eager to incorporate her interests into the learning experience of all learners at Acton Academy. Cathy is so thankful to be a member of this amazing team and a facilitator of your child’s journey of exploration and wonder!

Hi, I'm Andrea Libutti.

Co-founder and Head of School at Acton Academy ELI

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