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Studio Design

Our studios are a blend of the old and the new – a return to the community schoolhouses that built America – with the best of modern technology and 21st century organizational design.

In a tightly knit community bound by shared mission, promises and accountability, young people develop deep friendships and the skills to keep them for the long run.

Spark Studio

Ages 2-5
Launching Fall 2021

  1. Be curious and have fun
  2. Play and explore natural interests
  3. Build the foundations of Reading, Goal Setting, and Indpendent Learning
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Elementary School Studio

Ages 6-10

  1. Have fun and be kind
  2. Set and track goals; Ask great questions
  3. Solid foundation of Math, Reading, Writing, and Civilization
  4. Explore and be curious and develop a love of learning through hands-on project-based learning
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Middle School Studio

Ages 11-14

  1. Learn to work hard
  2. Manage your work and lead your studio
  3. Mastery of Core skills
  4. Dive deep in Quests; Explore the real world through Apprenticeships
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High School Studio

Ages 14-18
Coming Soon

  1. Find a passion
  2. Lead a small organization
  3. Prepare for your next adventure (choose the certifications you’ll need and how to get)

Autism Studio

Launching July 6, 2021

  1. Communicate using S2C
  2. Find a passion
  3. Prepare for your life's next adventure and calling
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"I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other – until I saw it with my own eyes. The lessons of self management and self governance have prepared our fifth-grade son to be a lifelong learner.”

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